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Circulation Policy


-- Access to Materials -- Library Patrons -- Library District Residents -- School Cards --

-- Out-of-District Card -- Teacher Cards -- Evergreen Cards (Non-Residents) -- Card Replacement -- PLAC -- Loan Limits on Items -- Reserving, Renewing and Returning Materials -- Fines and Fees -- Damaged Material Fees -- Lost Material Fees -- Payment of Fines and Fees -- Insufficient Funds -- Bankruptcy -- Fees for other Library services -- Material Suggestions -- Interlibrary Loan Requests -- Confidentiality of Patron Records -- Appendix A -- Appendix B


-- Access to Materials

The Osgood Public Library does not restrict access to any materials in the collections. Free access to the total library is essential to full public library service for the whole community.


Some irreplaceable and/or expensive items may be kept in special shelving for security reasons. Arrangements may be made with library staff to view or copy material in compliance with library and copyright policies.


The library adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that assures equal access to all library facilities, activities, and programs. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.


A library card is not required to use materials "in-house."


The library staff must not be expected to act in loco parentis by parents who wish to limit the material accessed by their own minor children. Parents who wish to limit their own children's materials should accompany the children to the library to supervise the borrowing process. Parents/guardians should not rely on the library staff for such supervision. Minor children under 17 are not permitted to borrow R-rated Videos or DVD's.



-- Library Patrons

A borrower may hold only one valid library card at a time and is responsible for all materials checked out on that card. Lost or stolen library cards must be reported to library staff as soon as possible. When a patron receives a library card, it is for their own personal use and should not be loaned to other individuals. Patrons are responsible for notifying the library staff of any changes in name, address, phone, email, or legal status.


The Evergreen Indiana Consortium requires that a library card MUST be presented to check out materials.


Library cards will be deleted after a 3-year period of inactivity unless the patron has fines/fees or overdue items.




-- Library District Residents

A free library card can be obtained by anyone who resides or owns property in Center, Delaware, Washington, or Franklin Township. This card is good for two years and may be used at the Osgood Library, Milan Branch Library, and other libraries in the Evergreen Indiana consortium.


Residents age 18 or over must show one piece of photo identification bearing both name and current address or at least two pieces of identification, one with a photo and one with a current address.


Residents under age 18 can obtain a card with a parent or guardian signature on the library card registratrion. The parent or guardian accompanying the child must show one photo identification bearing both name and current address or at least two pieces of identification, one with a photo and one with a current address. The guardian or parent who signs the registration is responsible for any overdue, lost, or damaged materials.



-- School Cards

All students of Jac-Cen-Del or Milan Schools who do not qualify for an Evergreen Indiana card from another Indiana library, may obtain a library card without cost by presenting school identification and by having a parent or legal guardian co-sign the application. The parent or legal guardian must also present their photo ID bearing name and current address or two pieces of identification, one with a photo and one with a current address. This card is issued for the student's use only, it is not a family card. The student card must be renewed yearly.



-- Out-of-District Card

Those living outside the library's district who wish to have a library card from the Osgood Public Library System, must purchase an out-of-district card. The out-of-district card fee is determined annually by the Osgood Public Library Board of Trustees and is valid for one year from date of purchase.



-- Teacher Cards

Free cards may be issued to non-resident educators in the Jac-Cen-Del or Milan schools who do not qualify for an Evergreen card from another Evergreen Indiana library. The purpose of these cards is to allow the checkout of materials for the classroom and is not for personal use. These cards must be renewed annually. Teachers (resident and non-resident), home schooling families, and preschool teachers may request extended checkout periods for classroom material.



-- Evergreen Cards (Non-Residents)

The Osgood Public Library System is a member of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium. Library cards presented from other Evergreen Indiana libraries entitle the holder to borrowing privileges at the Osgood Public Library System. These borrowers are subject to the Evergreen Indiana circulation privileges, restrictions and fees.



--Card Replacement

Lost or damaged library cards will be replaced for $2.00. Once a replacement card is issued, previous library cards are no longer valid.



The state of Indiana offers a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) that may be used at any Indiana public library. The PLAC purchase fee is determined annually by the Indiana State Library and the card itself is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The PLAC card is available for individuals who have a home library and for those who do not. Individuals who have a home library (pay property tax to a taxed library district) may pay the annual fee to purchase the PLAC card. Individuals who do not have a home library must establish one by purchasing a non-resident library card. They are then eligible to purchase a PLAC card.


--Loan Limits on Items

The library belongs to the Evergreen Indiana Consortium and abides by the current consortium loan limits and circulation periods. See Appendix A for consortium loan limits.

Local limits may be set on the number of items borrowed for materials in high demand (e.g. holiday materials). Non-Evergreen Indiana Interlibrary Loan due dates vary and are determined by the lending library. Exceptions may be made due to unusual circumstances.


--Reserving, Renewing and Returning Materials

All materials at the Osgood and Milan libraries are available to all library patrons. A reservation may be placed at the circulation desk, by phone, or by using the online OPAC. Patrons with a valid library card who have accounts in good standing (e.g. no excessive fees or long overdues) may request any circulating library material that is owned by the library. Patrons with accounts in good standing may also request materials from other Evergreen libraries. Materials from other Evergreen libraries are subject to certain limitations. See Appendix A for more information. When the material becomes available, the patron will receive notification.


Materials may be renewed in the library at the circulation desks, by phone, or by using the online OPAC. Most materials can be renewed once. Materials with outstanding patron requests cannot be renewed. Renewal of non-Evergreen Interlibrary Loans is subject to approval by the lending library.


Book and Video/Audio drop boxes are available for convenient return of library materials at the main entrances to both the Osgood Library and Milan Branch Library. Use of the drop boxes does not cancel overdue fines. Materials returned in the drop boxes before opening will be checked in as though returned the previous day. Evergreen Indiana materials may be returned to any Evergreen Indiana library.


--Fines and Fees

Patrons may not check out materials or purchase replacement cards if they have more than $10.00 in outstanding fines or fees. The library charges fines and fees in accordance with those of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium. See Appendix A.


--Damaged Material Fees

The library assumes no liability whatsoever for equipment damage that could result from the of borrowed audiovisual materials.


Borrowers are responsible for reporting damaged materials before check-out or during the loan period. If materials are lost or returned damaged beyond repair, the patron will be charged any late fees and the replacement cost of the material at the current retail value. If items are long overdue, there may be other fees assessed. See Lost Material Fees section.


If an item is returned without accompanying material or packaging case a fee may be charged to the patron. If the item is determined to be unusable without the accompanying material, the full replacement cost of the item will be charged.


--Lost Material Fees

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy from the Evergreen Indiana libraries. Failure to receive notices does not exempt patrons from the responsibility for payment for library materials or overdue fines and fees.


Patrons who provide an email address will receive an email notice three days before their materials are due and an email notice on the day their materials are due.


Patrons will be notified by phone and email when items are two weeks overdue. Notices will be sent by email and U.S. First Class mail when items are 28 days overdue. A final notice, which declares the items "LOST" and assesses th ereplacement cost of the overdue materials and related costs, including collection costs and a $10 per item processing fee will be sent via U.S. First Class mail 45 days after the due date.

Patrons who do not return items may be taken to small claims court or turned over to a collection agency. Associated fees will be addes to the patron's record.


--Payment of fines and fees

Payment of fines and fees must be made with United STates currency, money order, or by a personal check made out to the library for the exact amount owed.


Patrons writing checks must produce a valid ID and provide a current telephone number. The library can only accept payment for fines and fees owed to the Osgood Public Library System. Fines and fees owed to the other libraries must be paid directly that library.


--Insufficient funds

If a check is returned to the library due to insufficient funds, the library will send a letter notifying the patron of the situation, and a $20 charge will be added to the patron's account. If the patron has not taken care of the outstanding balance within 10 days, the information will be turned over to the Prosecutor's Office.



In accordance with 11 U.S.C. 523 (a) (7), fines and other overdue charges for borrowers who file bankruptcy are not forgiven since the library is a government agency. The borrower must pay all fines and charges down to under $10 before they can use their library card again.


Fees for other library services

Fax service is available at the Osgood and Milan libraries during library hours.

  • Incoming fax : $0.25 per page
  • Outgoing for 1st page $1.00 per page
  • Each additional page $.50 per page


Photocopies are available at both the Osgood and Milan libraries. Printouts from library computers are also available to library patrons.

  • Black and White $0.10 per side
  • Color (computer printouts only) $0.25

The library offers laminiting at the Osgood Circulation desk. Cost for laminating is $1.00 per running foot.


Material Suggestions

Patrons may request or recommend materials for the library collection. The library will decide whether funding is available and if the material is appropriate for the community's needs and interests.


Ultimately it is the decision of the library director whether a requested material is appropriate and whether it will be added to the collection or not.


--Interlibrary Loan Requests

This service is offered to all patrons holding a valid library card from the Osgood Public Library, including out-of-district patrons, and patrons with PLAC cards.


The interlibrary loan borrowing privileges of severely delinquent patrons are suspended until any overdue materials have been returned and payment of overdue and/or damage charges are made. The interlibrary loan borrowing privileges of patrons who accumulate overdue fines of $10 or more are suspended until sufficient payments are made to reduce the overdue balance to less than $10. Failure to return interlibrary loan items on time or to pick up items ordered may result in the suspension of interlibrary loan services for the delinquent patron.


The Interlibrary loan service is an essential part of collection development. This service expands the library's collection by providing access to materials that are not available in or appropriate for the Osgood Public Library's collection. Interlibrary loan will not be used to loan library materials that were published less than 6 months ago or that are already part of the library's collection. This includes materials that are lost or temporarily unavailable due to repairs.


The library attempts to get as many items as possible at no charge to patrons. At times requested materials do have associated costs or postage fees. It is the responsibility of the patron requesting the material to cover these costs.


Loan periods are set by the lending library and will vary. Replacement charges will vary according to the lending library.


--Confidentiality of Patron Records

By Indiana law (IC 5-14-3-4(b), all records relating to library patrons and their use of library materials and services are confidential. Library staff members are not authorized to disclose such records to a third party. However, the parent or guardian of a minor age seventeen (17) or under may have access to the records of their child or ward.


The library specifically recognizes that its circulation records and other records linking the names of library users with specific materials are confidential in nature. No such records shall be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government, or to any individual not specifically authorized by the director, except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of , and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigatory power.


--Appendix A


Consortium Loan Limits

A maximum of 100 items may be charged on an Evergreen Indiana library card. There is a maximum limit of 10 DVDs, 10 videos, and 1 gaming software per Evergreen Indiana library card. These limits are calculated at the consortium level and not at the library level.


Consortium Circulation Periods

The Osgood Public Library System adheres to the default loan duration period.

These loan periods are as follows:

Audiobooks: 21 days, with 1 renewal

Book (New): 14 days, with 1 renewal

Book: 21 days, with 1 renewal

Cd-music: 14 days, with 1 renewal

DVD: 7 days, with 1 renewal

Magazines: 7 days, with 1 renewal

Video: 7 days, with 1 renewal

Please note, items can not be renewed if they are on reserve for another patron.


Consortium loan restrictions

Patrons may place reserves for items owned by other Evergreen libraries. Evergreen libraries will not intra-library loan the following items: items less than 6 months old; DVD's; Videos.


Overdue fines / fees

Overdue fees are 25 cents per day per item. The maximum overdue fee for an individual item is $10.00. A patron's card will be blocked if the patron has 15 or more overdue items or owes $10 or more in unpaid fines and / or services. Outreach patrons will not be blocked until they have 50 or more items overdue.


Lost Item Fees

A lost item fee may include the replacement cost of the item and related costs, including but not limited to processing and collection fees.


--Appendix B

IC 35-43-4-3.5

Failure to return or pay for articles borrowed from library, gallery, museum, collection, or exhibition




Sec. 3.5. (a) If a person:

(1) borrows any article which belongs to or is in the care of any library, gallery, museum, collection, or exhibition;

(2) borrows the article under an agreement to return the article within a specified period of time; and

(3) fails to return the article within that specified period of time; then the lender shall comply with subsection (b)

(b) If a person commits those acts specified in subsection (a) the lender shall:

(1) send written notification of the violation of the agreement to the borrower;

(2) attach a copy of this section to the notice;

(3) include in the notice a request for return of the article within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notice;and

(4) mail the notice to the last known address of the borrower or deliver it to the borrower in person. The lender shall send the notice required by this subsection by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.

(c) If the borrower willfully or knowingly fails to return the article, or reimburse the lender for the value of the article, within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice required in subsection (b), he commits a Class C Infraction.

(d) A person who commits an offense under this section may not be charged with an offense under section 2 or 3 of this chapter for the same act.

As added by Acts 1980, P.L.206, SEC.1.



Adopted:05/05 Revised: 04/06, 6/06, 2/07, 11/07, 9/08, 9/2011

















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